About Erin

Driven by my passion for dogs and experience fostering and volunteering with local shelters, I founded Erin Go Dog in 2017. I started with individual walks and simple behavioral training. After many happy customers and wagging tails, my individual care grew into a full pack. In 2018 I completed an intensive dog behavior training program with the renown dog behaviorist and psychologist Todd Langston. Since then, I have been developing and expanding the pack without sacrificing the individual attention that makes the Erin Go Dog experience unique.

I have experience with seniors, puppies, aggression, anxiety, and everything in between. I pride myself on my trustworthiness, professionalism, and reliability, and I will take care of your dog as if it were my own. I go out of my way to ensure every dog is safe, happy, and healthy by addressing their individual needs.


The Pack Philosophy spans both individual behavior training as well as group walks. While these programs work best together on a regular cadence, training can be done separately and in one-off sessions. Pack walking operates as a kind of lightweight training, maintaining good behavior, while individual training sessions establish a strong growth foundation.

Pack Walks

Pack walking is much more than simple exercise. Research shows that dogs learn naturally through pack socialization—pack walking fosters that intuitive learning environment. In the pack, positive behavior is modeled and shared, while negative behavior is discouraged. Throughout pack walks, dogs are both challenged and stimulated, keeping them mentally and physically healthy and allowing them to mature together in communication and confidence. While the dogs in the pack learn and grow together, I cultivate their respect and lead the pack. My leadership provides safety and guidance for their natural exploration, establishing recognition for humans as pack leaders.

Through 60-90 minute walks, dogs in the Erin Go Dog Pack learn how to walk together calmly and remain focused while exploring the local cities and parks. The pack ranges in size, between two and six dogs depending on scheduling and availability. The pack has a balanced range of breeds, sizes, and dispositions, so there is lots of room for your dog to fit in and express their best self.

I regularly add videos and photos of pack walks to the Facebook and Instagram pages so you can see how much fun your friend is having.

Before introducing a new dog to the pack, I first set up an assessment session where I meet and walk your dog. I use this session to recommend a walk frequency and specific pack sessions. In rare cases, we may decide together that your dog is not immediately ready for pack walking. If that happens, I am happy to prepare a behavior training program that can help guide your dog into the pack.

Pack walks are $25 per walk. Pickup and dropoff is included.


In addition to the regular pack walking, I offer 90-minute individual behavioral training. Using the same philosophy that drives the pack walking success, these sessions can help combat symptoms of fear, like aggression and anxiety, and bring out happier, more attentive, and balanced dogs.

I can work with you to set up a training program to address particular behavioral challenges, check in and strengthen fundamentals throughout the pack experience, or provide a path into the pack when that is not immediately possible. I also offer one-off sessions where I can empower you to train your dog yourself, reviewing the basics of dog psychology and positive behavior practices.

Initial individual training sessions are $150. Reoccuring sessions are $100.

Join the Pack

If you dream of calmly walking your dog on a loose leash without jumping or pulling, or about coming home to a happy and energized friend, my pack walks and training can help make this happen! You will be surprised what your dog is capable of in the pack.

Give me a call or email. I am happy to answer any questions and set up a time to come and meet you and your dog.

I am looking forward to welcoming you and your dog into the pack!